The process was incredibly straightforward and smooth



Placement:         Marketing and Business Development Executive

Company:           Single Malt Design Ltd

Student:               Kate Side, BSc Marketing, Lancaster University


Single Malt Design Ltd is a multi-award winning design studio, bringing brands to life by designing campaigns, websites and digital content.


Areas of business support –

  • Market Research
  • Creating Digital Marketing plans
  • Enhancing online image
  • Increase and improve social media outreach


Statements –

Kate’s feedback – “The overall experience was a very positive one. My task was to develop and build a marketing and growth strategy for Single Malt. The project gave me an opportunity to put my knowledge and experiences from university into practice; whilst allowing me to gain confidence, vital experience in the professional workplace and insight into the exciting industry of branding and design. 


The team at Single Malt are the best, I enjoyed getting to know them and working with them to realise and visualise what the future could hold for them as a brand and as a team. The project was such a success that I am still at Single Malt, working towards bringing our growth strategy to life and loving every second.”


Kate Side- BSc Marketing, Lancaster University


Single Malt Feedback - “Having the placement through Unite Plus has enabled us to bring these skills in house and really start to set in place a strategic marketing plan and positioning plan. The process was incredibly straightforward and smooth and, as a business owner, I have gained a lot. I enjoyed working with a young graduate with new skills and ideas and gained something we can take forward in our business. It has brought a student into a job closer to the University rather than thinking that the only answer is a major city.”


Rob Ellis, Managing Director, Single Malt Design Ltd


lancaster University
Benefits for businesses:
  • Provides your business with additional skills
  • Has a positive impact on your company’s performance and productivity
  • Enables you to explore the student/graduate employee marketplace on a low risk basis
  • There is no cost incurred, the salary is paid by the project
  • Create links with universities
  • Support with all aspects of recruitment
Benefits for students:
  • Work on a meaningful project relevant to your studies
  • Able to make a real impact to the business you are working for, enabling you to demonstrate achievements to potential future employers
  • Support throughout the recruitment process and placement
  • Paid National Living Wage for up to 140 hours


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