It was a truly incredible experience.

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Placement:      Marketing and Social Media Strategy Assistant

Company:       Myxacom

Student:          Shreya Balaji, MSC Marketing, Lancaster University

Myxacom is an online video tutorial site that specialises in Project Controls and Project Management software.

Areas of business support -

  • Adding articles and videos to the website blog and promoting on social media.
  • Updating and improving WordPress blog.
  • Research and set up automated platforms such as Socialjukebox and Hootsuite.
  • Producing and developing monthly newsletters
  • Improving Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Statements –

Shreya's feedback – “Right from the beginning, Mick made me feel comfortable and gave me the space to work as I wished. Another aspect I absolutely enjoyed working with Mick was his passion towards teaching. It was the reason he had created in the first place, and his eagerness to make me understand and learn about Project Controls was a great opportunity for me to learn and expand my knowledge into another field and aspect.  It has been an incredible learning experience working with Myxacom over the last seven weeks. Mick was an incredibly patient boss who was eager to share his experience, knowledge and his teachings with me towards the process. He gave me the opportunity to learn and reflect on my learning the entire time.


As an international student in the country only for a few more months, it was very thoughtful of Mick to offer me the opportunity to work for him freelancing while I remained in the country, helping him out with his Marketing and Social Media Marketing whenever necessary in whichever ways possible.


The placement gave me the opportunity to put what I had learned at University into practice, research and learn a lot more during my time working there and learn about much more, including Project Controls simultaneously. It has given me the confidence to continue working in the field of Marketing and Social Media Marketing with my experience here as a good understanding of how the field works, how it changes and what is necessary.


An extra benefit I had in the process was to work through Unite Plus. Working through Unite Plus, I had guidance on how to go about all the aspects of working in a new country for the first time especially considering this was only my second time working in a professional environment. Angela Hamilton was a huge support during the entire process and was always available in case I needed any help.


It was truly an incredible experience."


Shreya Balaji MSC Marketing, Lancaster University


Michael’s feedback-  " The UNITEplus programme funded 140 hours for a student to work with to develop a Social Media presence on multiple platforms. The whole process from start to completion was incredibly well managed and had little impact on my busy schedule, the support from the Lancaster University team has been fantastic.

The quality of the student was well above expectations and we now have a fully integrated blog with a Social Media presence ready for content distribution. Shreya provided much needed support and delivered the project both professionally and to a high degree of quality, I sincerely hope our paths cross again where we can use Shreya’s talents once more.”


Michael Higgins- Director, MyXacom Ltd

lancaster University
Benefits for businesses:
  • Provides your business with additional skills
  • Has a positive impact on your company’s performance and productivity
  • Enables you to explore the student/graduate employee marketplace on a low risk basis
  • There is no cost incurred, the salary is paid by the project
  • Create links with universities
  • Support with all aspects of recruitment
Benefits for students:
  • Work on a meaningful project relevant to your studies
  • Able to make a real impact to the business you are working for, enabling you to demonstrate achievements to potential future employers
  • Support throughout the recruitment process and placement
  • Paid National Living Wage for up to 140 hours


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