Invaluable work experience, it has given me the edge over other applicants.

Vital sings


Placement: Market Research & Product Promotion Assistant

Company:     Vital Signs Engagement

Student:       Yiyi Xie, MSc E-Business and Innovation Graduate, Lancaster University

Vital Signs Engagement are a new business bringing to market a new and innovative software solution designed to empower businesses to deliver an employee engagement strategy. Involving collecting data on individuals’ performance and appraisals, giving a value to outcomes from tasks and targets.

Areas of business support –

  • Digital marketing
  • Market Research/ Strategist

Statements –

Yiyi’s feedback – During the placement, I was able to utilise the knowledge of software design, wireframing, and web development that I have acquired from academic studies to tackle real-world problems. Of course, there were a number of occasions where I had to learn new sets of HTML5, JavaScript or CSS code to achieve a web page to match the initial website design.

For a recent graduate like me, I feel the Uniteplus placement has grant me invaluable work experience and allowed me to relate my placements experience, whether it be self-motivation, time management or other interpersonal skills, to available jobs on the market, and has given me an edge over other job applicants.

 Yiyi Xie- MSc E-Business and Innovation Graduate, Lancaster University


Vital Signs Feedback- “We have been delighted with the support we have received from the Unite Plus programme, and the work completed by Yi has been high quality and very useful.

Andrew Dewhurst, Managing Director, Vital Signs Engagement Ltd

lancaster University
Benefits for businesses:
  • Provides your business with additional skills
  • Has a positive impact on your company’s performance and productivity
  • Enables you to explore the student/graduate employee marketplace on a low risk basis
  • There is no cost incurred, the salary is paid by the project
  • Create links with universities
  • Support with all aspects of recruitment
Benefits for students:
  • Work on a meaningful project relevant to your studies
  • Able to make a real impact to the business you are working for, enabling you to demonstrate achievements to potential future employers
  • Support throughout the recruitment process and placement
  • Paid National Living Wage for up to 140 hours


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