I would certainly urge other students to consider the UnitePlus programme.


Placement :     Social Media & Digital Communications Advisor

Company :      Enterprise4All (North West) Ltd

Student :         Shwuaib Malik BA Economics and Geography, Lancaster University

Enterprise4All Ltd - A Lancashire Business Support Organisation based in Blackburn. E4A offers a range of consultancy and targeted services that assist new and established businesses to develop and grow. They applied for a placement for a student or recent graduate to support their Relationship and Development Manager in the development of the company’s digital and social media communications division.

Areas of business support

  • Research, set-up and execute social media channels.
  • Direct management of digital communication planning and execution.
  • Work with E4A internal team to understand how these channels work and how can they maximise opportunities.

Shwuaib successfully delivered the placement over the summer and now has returned to Lancaster University to complete his course. From his project report he concluded –

“Overall, I have found my placement at Enterprise4All very beneficial, as well as finding it thoroughly enjoyable. Obtaining a much improved understanding of social media is one of the key aspects I will take away from my time at the business.

 Perhaps what I will take away most from the placement is obtaining a strong understanding of the workplace, and developing teamwork, communication, and time management skills as a result.”

 I feel the UnitePlus programme offers undergraduates a brilliant opportunity to gain valuable experience prior to graduating, which puts them in a better position in the labour market. I would certainly urge other students to consider the UnitePlus programme.

 Since I have enjoyed working at enterprise4all, I am expecting to continue to work for the business, and gaining further experience. Even though it will not be on as a regular basis, and most likely working remotely, I still feel that I will continue to enjoy and benefit from working for Enterprise4All, with the ambition to further develop my skills.

Shwuaib Malik September 2017


Amin Vepari Enterprise4All’s Operations Director feedback on their placement experience…

“The UnitePlus program Business Adviser has been very helpful with assisting us in scoping the need and remit of the role. Angela has been a great source of reference along the whole journey, everything from communication to advice has been appreciated and made the process very smooth.”

Selection and recruitment of student

“The process was mapped out early on with very clear expectations and realistic timescales, Angela managed to arrange interviews around my diary and provided useful information on candidates along the way. All the students interviewed were very professional and presented themselves very well. The decision was made very easily as we had one very standout candidate Shwuaib who we appointed. The quality of individual exceeded our expectations and the subsequent starting process was also handled extremely well.”

Management of the project

“Shwuaib was very switched on and picked things up very quickly to the extent that we were ahead of schedule within the first week. His attendance and punctuality was exemplary and was an excellent fit with the team and his dynamic can do attitude made a huge difference. He reported directly to our Relationship Manager (Sajid Mahmud) and they had an excellent rapport, in turn Sajid developed his man management skills. We were very pleased with the placement results as we achieved exposure on platforms such as Instagram that previously had never been explored, and also are now more focussed in our social media activity on Twitter and Facebook. ”

Impact and value of the project for E4A

“The impact has been that we want to retain Shwuaib, and are now organising a role for him to continue supporting E4A in line with his availability and course commitments. This placement has certainly confirmed the area we had identified was needed for the development and communication of our business.”

Amin Vepari Operations Director Enterprise4All (North West) Ltd

lancaster University
Benefits for businesses:
  • Provides your business with additional skills
  • Has a positive impact on your company’s performance and productivity
  • Enables you to explore the student/graduate employee marketplace on a low risk basis
  • There is no cost incurred, the salary is paid by the project
  • Create links with universities
  • Support with all aspects of recruitment
Benefits for students:
  • Work on a meaningful project relevant to your studies
  • Able to make a real impact to the business you are working for, enabling you to demonstrate achievements to potential future employers
  • Support throughout the recruitment process and placement
  • Paid National Living Wage for up to 140 hours


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