A great base on which to build our marketing strategy

Clear Trace

Placement :     Market Research and Analysis Supporter

Company :       Clear Trace – Lancaster

Students :        Nikita Sinha : MSc Management Science & Marketing  Analytics

Almaz Azmi :  MA in Environmental Management and Consultancy

Clear Trace is a leading specialist provider of cleaning and infection control to the health sector.  Director Adam Murfitt identified a need for support to research, analyse and report on potential markets.  The placement was advertised through Lancaster Universities Employment and Recruitment Service and two international students were successfully recruited to work together over 4 weeks on the 140 hour placement.

Areas of business support

  • Research and analysis
  • Market surveys
  • Opportunity identification and reporting

 “The work carried out from the intern placements through UNITEPlus funding with the additional  support of our Business Adviser  has already allowed us to focus on a target market segment. Prior to the research, we had an idea of the different needs of different market areas within the Infection Prevention and Control field but no solid evidence to back up and guide our thoughts on how best to approach potential clients. Not only do we now have a great base on which to build our marketing strategy but in some cases the project have given us leads into the decision makers within key companies.

 The end of project presentation was so comprehensive in terms of given an overview of the health industry and then a more focused view of our company’s threats and opportunities that it will be part of our induction to all staff at recruitment stage. 

 At the time of the placements we have been developing a new software product for the IPC industry and the research has fulfilled its brief in giving us a better understanding of software needs and a base for the devolvement of a sustainable role out strategy.

To conclude the UNITEPlus Project, with the support of recruitment and project management, have given Cleartrace additional marketplace focus. Our staff have benefitted from having two highly skilled interns working within the business and the results of the project will be used daily to help grow the business.

 …. We were pleased to be able to retain Nikita for a follow up project after the UNITEplus placement finished. Almaz is to return to Malaysia and we wish her every success in her career.” 

Adam Murfitt – Director, Clear Trace


Almaz and Nikita’s feedback on the placement

 “The overall job experience has allowed me to learn about the marketing field. This work experience also provided insight on how small businesses are run and the methods that these businesses use to expand their company. Furthermore, the job also pushed me into adapting to new working techniques such as conducting cold calls and identifying information and ideas that are valuable for the company’s growth.”

Almaz Azmi :  MA in Environmental Management and Consultancy


 “The concept and launch of the UNITE plus program is in itself a great achievement. It helps small firms by providing them with additional skills and at the same time it helps students like me to gain work experience in the area of our interest.

 For me it meant that I could gain a 4 week placement opportunity at Clear Trace to work on a project in the area of my interest that is Market Research. I have a Post Graduate degree in Management with a major in Marketing and I have previously worked in the Manufacturing industry in India as an Assistant Marketing Manager. However, I had no prior experience of working in an international location especially in the Healthcare industry, hence; it was a great learning experience to understand the UK Healthcare Industry.

 This placement will be helpful in my future career especially in the areas of market research. Parts of the credit for successful completion of this project belongs to the recruitment team at Lancaster University for the UNITE plus program.  They were  immensely helpful throughout the duration of this project and even after especially with the coordination with the company and assistance in understanding the requirements for the project.

  I consider this project a valuable experience for both my studies as well as work for my future career in the field of Marketing.”

Nikita Sinha : MSc Management Science & Marketing  Analytics

lancaster University
Benefits for businesses:
  • Provides your business with additional skills
  • Has a positive impact on your company’s performance and productivity
  • Enables you to explore the student/graduate employee marketplace on a low risk basis
  • There is no cost incurred, the salary is paid by the project
  • Create links with universities
  • Support with all aspects of recruitment
Benefits for students:
  • Work on a meaningful project relevant to your studies
  • Able to make a real impact to the business you are working for, enabling you to demonstrate achievements to potential future employers
  • Support throughout the recruitment process and placement
  • Paid National Living Wage for up to 140 hours


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