Helping to approach digital marketing with confidence

Our UNITEplus Student, whom we now employ full time, has helped us to approach the digital marketing arena with confidence, giving a consistent message to our customers, followers, and the future potential of the company. Testimony from the student: My placement at Readyfix was crucial in my understanding of business and B2B marketing, I was…

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The students animation will help further strengthen our brand awareness

We decided that we required a digital animation for our processes/ products and contacted UNITEplus to see what student support was available locally. We gave a project brief of developing a short /artful animation, that made it easy for a consumer to understand how cacao and chocolate is grown and made in Madagascar. The student…

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I would recommend any business to work with UNITEplus

We had every confidence that UCLan could help us by providing a quality student to support us, as we have had good experiences with the University in the past. Our main objective was to produce high quality, user friendly video-based customer testimonials, as well as a feature from two expos we attended. Thanks to the…

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